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The Ultimate Guide to MSC Cruises’ Drink Packages: Selections, Tips, and Pricing

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Embarking on an MSC Cruise offers not only a journey of exploration but also an opportunity to enjoy a myriad of beverage options designed to cater to every taste. To enhance your onboard experience, understanding and selecting the right drink packages—with clear pricing—is essential. Here’s how you can maximize your beverage enjoyment with MSC Cruises’ drink packages, complete with pricing to help you make the best choice for your budget and preferences.

Detailed Guide to MSC Cruises’ Drink Packages and Pricing:

Understanding MSC Cruises’ Drink Packages:

MSC Cruises offers a variety of drink packages to suit different preferences and needs, from soft drinks and specialty coffees to fine wines and premium spirits. Here are the main options along with their pricing:

  • Easy Package: For casual drinkers, this package includes house spirits, draft beer, selected wines by the glass, and soft drinks. Perfect for those who enjoy a good drink without specific preferences. Price: $35 per day.
  • Premium Package: This option is ideal for guests who prefer a wider range of beverages, including premium spirits, bottled beers, and a broader selection of wines and cocktails. Price: $62 per day.
  • Non-Alcoholic Package: Designed for guests who abstain from alcohol, this package offers unlimited soft drinks, bottled mineral water, flavored water, fruit juices, and premium coffee drinks. Price: $29 per day.
  • Children’s Package: Specially tailored for younger guests, this package includes a variety of alcohol-free drinks to keep the little ones happy and hydrated. Price: $17 per day.
  • Wellness Package: Includes a range of healthful beverage options such as smoothies, bottled juices, and herbal teas, promoting a healthier lifestyle while cruising. Price: $19 per day.

Strategies for Selecting the Right Drink Package:

  1. Consider Your Drinking Habits: Assess how much and what type of beverages you typically consume. If you prefer premium liquors or enjoy multiple drinks throughout the day, the Premium Package might be the best value.
  2. Match the Package to Your Itinerary: For itineraries with many port days, you might find yourself drinking less onboard, making a lighter package sufficient. Conversely, on sea days, you might appreciate having access to a wider range of drinks.
  3. Factor in Your Travel Party: If traveling with family, consider the Children’s Package for kids, which provides value and convenience, ensuring that there are suitable drink options for everyone.

Advantages of Pre-Purchasing Drink Packages:

  • Budget Control: Knowing the cost of your drinks upfront helps manage your travel budget, preventing unexpected expenses and allowing you to enjoy your vacation worry-free.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Pre-purchased drink packages provide unlimited access to beverages throughout your cruise, so you can grab a drink whenever you like without hassle.
  • Enhanced Onboard Experience: With your drinks sorted in advance, you can spend more time enjoying the ship’s amenities and less time worrying about signing checks.


Opting for a drink package on MSC Cruises can significantly enhance your cruising experience, offering both convenience and cost-effectiveness. With clear pricing and a variety of options, you can find the perfect beverage solution to complement your cruise itinerary and preferences. Choose the right drink package for your next MSC cruise and toast to a memorable vacation filled with delightful moments and refreshing drinks.

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