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Stay Online with MSC’s 2024 Wi-Fi Packages


MSC Cruises has pioneered in providing exceptional internet connectivity aboard its ships, understanding the modern traveler’s need to stay connected even while basking in the relaxation of a sea voyage. With tailored internet packages designed to meet diverse online needs, MSC Cruises ensures that every passenger can share their experiences and stay in touch with ease.

Comprehensive Internet Options Aboard MSC Cruises

Passengers can choose from three detailed internet packages, each designed to cater to different usage levels:

  • Social Package: Perfect for guests who enjoy staying active on social media. This plan allows you to:
    • Post photos
    • Update statuses
    • Chat on popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
    • Pricing: Approximately $4.20/day or $16 for a seven-day cruise.
  • Surfer Package: Suitable for those who need broader access to the internet. This package supports:
    • Web browsing
    • Email checking
    • Keeping up with current events
    • Social media access
    • Pricing: Around $10.70/day or $32.30 for a seven-day cruise.
  • Streamer Package: Ideal for passengers who require high-speed internet for streaming or work. This comprehensive package offers:
    • High-quality streaming of video and music
    • Video calling capabilities
    • Downloading and uploading large files
    • Pricing: Starts at $21.50/day or $64.60 for a full week.

Key Features for Connected Cruising

  • Accessibility: Internet access is available 24/7 in all public areas across MSC ships.
  • Pre-Booking Discount: Guests who book online before their cruise can enjoy a discount of up to 20%, enhancing affordability and convenience.
  • Flexible Choices: Each package is crafted to meet various digital needs, ensuring passengers select the best option for their specific requirements.

Booking and More Information

Booking your internet package in advance is straightforward via the MSC Cruises website. Here, passengers can find detailed information about each option and select the package that best suits their connectivity needs before boarding.

Staying Ahead with Technology

MSC Cruises remains committed to enhancing passenger experiences by integrating advanced technology solutions. The availability of tailored internet packages underscores this dedication, ensuring that guests can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity alongside the pleasure of their cruise.

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