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Princess Cruises Loyalty Accelerator Offer

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Princess Cruises is enticing travelers with an alluring opportunity to ascend the ranks of their Captain’s Circle loyalty program rapidly. If you book inclusive packages for sailings departing between August 1 and December 1, you’ll receive double the usual cruise credits. These credits are crucial for passengers aiming to achieve elite status.

Here’s a breakdown of the loyalty benefits:

Princess Plus or Princess Premier Packages:

  • Double Credits: Earn two credits per journey instead of the standard one.
  • Inclusions: Packages offer Wi-Fi, gratuities, specialty dining, beverage options, fitness classes, and premium desserts.

Suite or Solo Travelers:

  • Quadruple Credits: Those in suites or solo travelers paying a single supplement in dual-capacity cabins earn four cruise credits per voyage during the promotion.

Loyalty Status Levels:

  • Gold: Attained after your initial cruise.
  • Ruby: Reached after accumulating three cruise credits.
  • Platinum: Requires five cruise credits.
  • Elite: Achieved after 15 cruise credits.

Key Advantages of Higher Tiers:

  • Priority Boarding: Available at the Platinum level.
  • Discounts: Reduced rates on internet packages and spa treatments for Platinum members.
  • Exclusive Access: Invitation to special onboard events.

Additional Information:

  • Promotion Validity: Applies to voyages from August 1 to December 1.
  • Booking Requirement: Add one of the two packages at least two days before departure.

How to Earn Elite Status:

Loyalty StatusCredits RequiredCruise Options for Accelerated EarningCredits Earned per Voyage
Gold1 creditComplete your first cruise1 credit (standard)
Ruby3 creditsBook a suite or travel solo with promotional packages4 credits (with promotion)
Platinum5 creditsContinue using promotional offers in suite or solo4 credits per qualifying cruise
Elite15 creditsConsistent booking of suites or solo with packages4 credits per qualifying cruise

Final Thought: Princess Cruises’ Loyalty Accelerator Offer presents an exceptional opportunity for both new and frequent cruisers. By leveraging the double or quadruple cruise credits available through this promotion, travelers can expedite their progress within the Captain’s Circle loyalty tiers. This not only enhances the cruising experience with added perks and privileges but also maximizes the value of your travel investment. Whether you’re booking a suite, cruising solo, or opting for standard accommodations with an inclusive package, now is the ideal time to plan your journey and move swiftly towards elite status.

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