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Man Stands Up Two Seconds Early on 5-Hour Flight, Reaps Time Savings

March 21, 2023.

In a daring act of bravado and tactical genius, local man Jerry Thompson has defied all logic and reason by standing up a full two seconds after the plane touched down at the end of his 5-hour flight, resulting in a groundbreaking time-saving maneuver.

The world has been left in awe as Thompson, a 34-year-old self-proclaimed “flight hack expert,” managed to save an earth-shattering two seconds on his journey from New York to Los Angeles. Witnesses on the plane, stunned by his bold and innovative tactics, have reported feeling a mixture of envy and admiration.

Passenger Susan Williams shared her thoughts on the momentous occasion, “He just stood up, like, so fast. I didn’t even have time to unbuckle my seatbelt. I wish I could be that efficient.”

According to fellow passengers, as the plane’s wheels met the tarmac, Thompson leapt from his seat in a single, fluid motion. He then stood triumphantly, head pressed against the overhead compartment, legs slightly bent to accommodate the cabin’s height restrictions.

Airline staff, initially taken aback by Thompson’s audacious move, have since begun to reflect on the profound implications of his time-saving technique. “I’ve been a flight attendant for 15 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one attendant who wished to remain anonymous. “His blatant disregard for waiting until the seatbelt sign was turned off will surely inspire a new generation of travelers.”

Thompson’s bold time-saving strategy has sparked a fierce debate among aviation enthusiasts and laypeople alike. Some have hailed him as a “pioneer of efficiency,” while others have called him “a dangerous renegade who threatens the sanctity of the airplane deboarding process.”

Regardless of the controversy, Thompson remains unapologetic about his actions. “I needed to save those two seconds,” he explained. “I had a very important meeting with my couch and a bag of chips.”

When asked if he had any future plans to further optimize his travel experience, Thompson shared his intentions to experiment with standing up just as the plane begins its descent, although he admitted that standing in the aisle for 30 minutes might be “a bit extreme.”

As the world continues to debate Thompson’s ground-breaking methods, one thing is for sure: he has irrevocably changed the way we think about time management on flights. Airlines are even considering offering “Fast Stand” options, where for an additional fee, passengers can gain priority to stand up immediately upon landing. 

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