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Get More SkyMiles on Starbucks Purchases with Delta’s Latest Update

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Delta Airlines has recently updated its partnership with Starbucks, introducing a new strategy for SkyMiles members to earn miles through Starbucks purchases. Starting June 12, this revised approach focuses on rewarding higher reload amounts to Starbucks accounts, shifting away from the previous method of earning one mile per dollar spent.

Overview of the New SkyMiles Earning Structure

Under the new system, SkyMiles members must reload their Starbucks account with a minimum of $25 to start earning miles, with increased rewards for larger amounts:

  • $25 to $49.99 reloads: Earn 25 SkyMiles
  • $50 to $74.99 reloads: Earn 75 SkyMiles
  • $75 to $99.99 reloads: Earn 125 SkyMiles
  • $100 or more reloads: Earn 200 SkyMiles, equating to two miles per dollar

This tiered structure is designed to incentivize larger purchases at Starbucks, potentially increasing the rate at which frequent customers can accumulate SkyMiles.

Strategic Benefits for Loyal Customers

The update not only simplifies the rewards process but also aligns more closely with the purchasing patterns of most SkyMiles members who prefer to preload their Starbucks accounts. Delta and Starbucks have collaborated to ensure that these changes benefit loyal customers, particularly those who frequent Starbucks regularly:

  • Incentivized Reloads: By focusing on reloads of $25 or more, the program encourages members to consolidate their coffee purchases, potentially earning miles faster.
  • Double Rewards on Travel Days: Members will continue to earn double stars on Starbucks purchases made on the same day as their Delta flights, enhancing the travel day experience.
  • Exclusive Choice Benefits for Elite Members: Platinum and Diamond Medallion members have the option to select bonus Starbucks stars as part of Delta’s Choice Benefits, which will see an increase in the coming years.

How to Link Your Delta and Starbucks Accounts

For SkyMiles members looking to take advantage of this partnership, linking your accounts is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit or
  2. Follow the instructions to connect your Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks accounts.
  3. Once linked, begin reloading your Starbucks card through the app or website to start earning miles.

Future Promotions and Earning Opportunities

Delta has announced that this update is just the beginning of more exciting opportunities for SkyMiles members to earn additional miles. Starting with a new limited-time offer next week, members should stay tuned for ongoing promotions that enhance the earning potential through everyday activities.

Maximizing Your SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards

With the new changes, it’s important for members to strategize their purchases to maximize rewards. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan Reloads Strategically: Consider timing your reloads to maximize earnings, especially if you frequent Starbucks often.
  • Take Advantage of Travel Days: Make your Starbucks purchases on days you fly with Delta to earn double stars, maximizing both your SkyMiles and Starbucks rewards.
  • Evaluate Redemption Options: Keep in mind the varying redemption rates for Starbucks stars. Planning what you redeem your stars for can influence the value you get from them.

Final Thoughts

Delta’s revised partnership with Starbucks reflects a thoughtful approach to enhancing the loyalty program experience, providing more value and better alignment with member habits. By incentivizing larger reloads, Delta is making it easier for frequent Starbucks patrons to earn significant rewards, reinforcing the benefits of loyalty to both brands.

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