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Get 70K Miles & Companion Fare Now!

Alaska Airlines

Are you ready to enhance your travel game and access exclusive benefits? Imagine earning 70,000 bonus miles and securing Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare with a simple spend requirement. This offer is more than just a deal; it’s a gateway to unforgettable adventures and cost-efficient travel options. By seizing this opportunity, you’re not just getting miles; you’re opening doors to a world of possibilities. So, are you prepared to venture on journeys that redefine travel experiences and savings?

Benefits of Alaska Airlines Visa Signature

When you sign up for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, you can earn 70,000 bonus miles and Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days. This generous welcome offer not only boosts your miles but also grants you the opportunity to bring a companion along for a reduced fare, enhancing your travel adventures. With the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, you can make the most of the bonus miles to reach your travel goals faster while enjoying the added benefit of the companion fare.

In addition to the bonus miles and companion fare, the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card offers perks like a free checked bag, priority boarding, and 20% back on Alaska Airlines in-flight purchases. By utilizing the annual Companion Fare earned after spending $6,000 on the card, you can further extend the value of your travels. The card also allows you to earn unlimited miles without caps, giving you the flexibility to accumulate rewards at your own pace. Moreover, as a cardholder, you can benefit from a $100 discount on an annual Alaska Lounge+ membership, enhancing your travel experience even more.

How to Earn 70K Miles

To earn 70,000 bonus miles with the Alaska Airlines Visa credit card, simply spend $3,000 in the first 90 days. This offer provides one of the highest bonuses available for this card, allowing you to accrue a significant number of miles quickly.

These bonus miles can be utilized for flights not only with Alaska Airlines but also with their various global airline partners, expanding your travel options. In addition to the 70,000 miles, you also receive a valuable Companion Fare as part of the welcome offer.

Using the Companion Fare

After securing 70,000 bonus miles with the Alaska Airlines Visa credit card, you can now leverage the Companion Fare to bring a travel companion for a fixed dollar amount. This Alaska Companion Fare is a fantastic benefit that allows you to maximize the value of your travels.

By using the companion fare effectively, you can enjoy significant savings on your trips. Keep in mind that the Companion Fare can be used for economy tickets, but you have the option to upgrade to first class if desired. To make the most of this offer, make sure that both you and your companion are booked on the same itinerary.

Additionally, bear in mind that the Companion Fare is applicable only for Alaska Airlines-operated flights, so plan accordingly. To maximize the value of the Companion Fare and fully benefit from this perk, always book your flights exclusively on By doing so, you can make the most of this valuable benefit and create unforgettable travel experiences with your companion.

Rules for Companion Fare Booking

Consider utilizing the Alaska Companion Fare benefit by following these essential rules for booking. To access your Companion Fare code, log into your Alaska Mileage Plan account and navigate to the Discount and companion fare codes section.

When booking your flight on, remember to enter the code in the Discount or companion fare code field after clicking the Shop button. To identify eligible flights, look for the red symbol next to the flight prices.

By following these guidelines, you can guarantee a smooth booking process using your companion fare. Make the most of this valuable benefit to enjoy discounted travel with a companion and maximize your savings.

Remember that the companion fare is a unique perk of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, so take advantage of it when planning your next trip. Plan ahead, book smart, and make the most of your Alaska Companion Fare.

Maximizing Companion Fare Savings

Guarantee you maximize your savings with the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare by leveraging its value creatively for significant cost savings on economy flights.

To make the most of the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare, consider using it for longer or more expensive flights where the savings will be most noticeable. This can help you stretch the value of the fare and enjoy substantial cost savings on your travels.

Additionally, plan ahead and strategically use the Companion Fare for trips during peak travel seasons or with multiple stopovers to get the most out of the discount. By being mindful of how and when you utilize the Companion Fare, you can make sure you’re getting the best value possible and saving a considerable amount on your flights.

Make sure to take advantage of this valuable benefit to maximize your cost savings and enhance your overall travel experiences.

Other Airline Companion Pass Options

Explore alternative airline companion pass options offered by different carriers to expand your travel benefits and savings potential. When contemplating other options besides the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, you can still enjoy valuable companion pass benefits with different airlines.

Here are some alternatives to ponder:

  1. British Airways Visa Signature®: This card offers a companion pass that can be a great asset for family travel, allowing you to bring a companion along for a reduced fare. It can provide significant savings for those who frequently travel with loved ones.
  2. Delta SkyMiles┬« Platinum American Express: Similar to the Alaska Airlines offer, this card provides a companion pass that can be beneficial for maximizing travel savings. It’s worth exploring the terms and conditions to see how it fits your travel needs.
  3. Other Airlines: Various airlines offer companion pass options with different perks and restrictions. By researching and comparing these options, you can find the best companion pass for your travel preferences and budget.

Don’t hesitate, seize this opportunity now to access amazing travel rewards with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. Earn 70k miles and the Famous Companion Fare to start unforgettable journeys.

With no limits on miles earned, priority boarding, and a free checked bag, this card is a game-changer for frequent flyers.

So hop on board and enhance your travel experiences while saving big. Carpe diem and start your adventure today!

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