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Discover the Wonders of the ASTC Passport Program


The ASTC Passport Program is your ticket to a world of scientific exploration and knowledge. With access to over 300 institutions globally, this program opens doors to a universe of learning possibilities, offering benefits that go beyond traditional museum visits.

Access to 300+ Institutions

The ASTC Passport Program grants members entry to an extensive network of science centers and museums worldwide. This unparalleled opportunity allows you to visit multiple participating institutions, gaining insights into various scientific disciplines and cultural contexts. Enjoy free general admission, excluding special exhibits and premium services, and dive into the world of science and innovation.

Global Science Exploration

Enhance your scientific horizons through global exploration with the ASTC Passport Program. Members gain the opportunity to explore exhibits and programs at various venues beyond their local communities. This fosters cross-cultural learning experiences and promotes cultural exchange through engagement with different scientific communities.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

The ASTC Passport Program offers countless opportunities for lifelong learning. Members enjoy free admission to institutions where they can explore new exhibits and programs that enhance their knowledge and curiosity. Engage in hands-on science education and develop a deep appreciation for learning and discovery.

Single Membership Benefits

With a single membership, you gain free general admission to a wide range of science centers and museums. Here’s a snapshot of what you get:

Membership BenefitsDetails
Free General AdmissionAccess to participating science centers and museums with no extra cost
Access to ExhibitsEnjoy various exhibits and programs at no additional charge
ExclusionsSpecial exhibits, IMAX films, and planetarium shows may require separate admission fees
Venue VarietyFree entry to diverse participating venues, enhancing cultural and educational experiences
DetailsContact individual venues for specific information on benefits, exclusions, and any additional perks for members

Hands-On Learning Activities

Engage in hands-on learning activities at science centers and museums, exploring scientific concepts through interactive experiences. Participate in engaging experiments and interact with exhibits that cater to all ages and interests. These activities encourage critical thinking, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster creativity.

Benefits of Hands-On ActivitiesDetails
Encourages Critical ThinkingEnhances Problem-Solving Skills
Fosters CreativityEngaging Experiments
Real Scientific ToolsInteractive Exhibits

ASTC Museums in New York

For those in New York, the ASTC Passport Program offers access to several incredible science centers and museums. Check out the list of participating ASTC museums in New York to plan your next educational adventure.

All-Ages Accessibility

The ASTC Passport Program ensures free general admission benefits for individuals of all ages, fostering inclusivity in the exploration of science and education. Families, adults, and children alike can benefit from this program, engaging in interactive learning opportunities that cater to a wide range of audiences.

Final Thoughts

The ASTC Passport Program offers unparalleled access to over 300 institutions worldwide, fostering global science exploration and lifelong learning opportunities. With a single membership, you can engage in diverse educational experiences and hands-on learning activities that promote curiosity and discovery. Support science institutions and enjoy inclusive learning environments for all ages, enhancing your overall learning experience.

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