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Cheers to Your Cruise: A Complete Guide to MSC Cruises’ Drink Packages

Drink Package

Navigating beverage options on a cruise can be as exciting as it is daunting. With MSC Cruises, selecting the perfect drink package can drastically enhance your experience, providing both convenience and cost efficiency. This guide delves into MSC Cruises’ diverse drink packages, helping you understand and choose the best option for your sea-bound adventure.

Understanding Drink Packages on MSC Cruises

Drink packages on MSC Cruises simplify your vacation experience by allowing you to enjoy a vast array of beverages at one fixed price. These packages offer significant cost savings and the convenience of enjoying drinks without the hassle of signing bills after every order.

Types of Drink Packages Offered by MSC Cruises

Each drink package offered by MSC Cruises caters to different preferences and budgets. Here are the details, including approximate costs based on recent offerings:

  • Easy Package
    • Cost: Approximately $35 per day
    • Included: A selection of house wines by the glass, draft beer, selected spirits and cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks, and mineral water.
    • Best For: Casual drinkers who prefer simplicity.
  • Easy Plus Package
    • Cost: Around $49 per day
    • Included: A broader range of spirits, wines by the glass, draft and bottled beers, and standard cocktails.
    • Ideal For: Those seeking a greater variety without the premium price.
  • Premium Package
    • Cost: About $69 per day
    • Included: Top-shelf spirits, full wine list by the glass, craft and premium cocktails, draft and bottled beer, sodas, fruit juices, mineral water, energy drinks, coffee drinks, and chocolate delights.
    • Perfect Match: Connoisseurs and guests who savor specialty drinks and a wider selection.
  • Premium Plus Package
    • Cost: Approximately $79 per day
    • Included: All options from the Premium Package, plus drinks from theme bar menus, minibar items, and premium chocolates.
    • Suited For: Guests desiring the utmost convenience and access to the highest quality beverages available onboard.
  • Non-Alcoholic Package
    • Cost: About $29 per day
    • Included: Unlimited soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, energy drinks, coffee drinks, hot chocolate drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, and smoothies.
    • Target Audience: Non-alcohol consuming guests.
  • Children’s Package
    • Cost: Roughly $17 per day
    • Included: Soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, hot drinks, and smoothies.
    • Designed For: Young cruisers and families.

How to Choose the Right Drink Package

When selecting a drink package, consider:

  • Personal Drinking Preferences: Assess what types of drinks you enjoy.
  • Budget: Determine what you’re willing to spend for the duration of your cruise.
  • Itinerary Length: Longer cruises might benefit more from a comprehensive package.

How to Purchase and Use Your Drink Package

  • Purchasing: These packages can be bought prior to boarding via MSC’s website or purchased onboard during the first days of the cruise.
  • Usage: Simply present your cruise card when ordering drinks, and enjoy the variety your package offers.

Making the Most of Your Drink Package

  • Explore New Flavors: Use this opportunity to try different beverages that are covered under your package.
  • Enjoy Premium Options: If you opt for a premium package, indulge in higher-end drinks you might normally avoid due to cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sharing Packages: Drink packages are strictly non-transferable and only one drink per card is allowed per order.
  • Limitations: While there is no set limit on the number of drinks, responsible service guidelines apply.

Final Thoughts

An MSC drink package can enrich your cruising experience by providing diverse beverage options at a fixed cost. Carefully consider each package to find the one that best matches your lifestyle and enhances your time aboard.

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